I would like to say a huge Thank you to Debbie. I was lucky enough to have been a winners of a recent competition which gave me a spiritual reading. She was fabulous! If you have the opportunity to have a reading I certainly recommend Debbie!! Thanks again Debbie 💙🌹💜
Debbie is a lovely warm person, gifted and accomplished in Tarot reading and in her ability to connect with spirit. I’ve had a session with her where she was relaying to me messages from a close relation of mine who was present for my reading, which brought me great comfort and assistance in moving forward in my life. She had also received messages prior to our meeting, all of which were accurate and personal to me. Her Tarot reading was detailed and helpful, accurate to my current situation, and provided me with clarity. I would certainly recommend this lady.
— Linda Weller

Very lovely and welcoming lady! Made me feel comfortable straight away and I had a very good reading. Definitely worth meeting this wonderful person :) look forward to going back for more.

I had the loveliest session with Debbie this morning. She has such a calming energy and is so intune with spirit. My reading was spot on and I was given the information that I needed from my lovely nan in spirit. I would highly recommend working with Debbie for an authentic and wholesome reading.
— Sammie Polson

Debbie is amazing. I have had a fantastic reading and have come out feeling very positive. Such a talent.
— Karen Roberts

I had a spirit astrology chart and reading done by Debbie and it was amazing. Never have I heard something so uncannily accurate and the chart itself is beautiful and something I will frame and treasure!
— Kelly Jenkins

Debbie was absolutely fantastic. She made me feel completely at ease and instantly relaxed. She sensed immediately that I needed to talk to someone, she also gave me a distant reading. Which was great as it was so accurate and relevant. I went to her house and sat in her crystal room and we had a reading. Needless to say I will definitely be returning and recommend seeing her and visiting her beautiful home.
— Ryan golf

Debbie home is a wonderfully calming environment. She makes you feel relaxed and safe while you are soaking up all the information told. Thank you Debbie for helping me with my future! Amazing lady!
— RC Coombes

Such am amazing woman! My friends and I went to see Debbie and she showed us such warmth and welcome into her home. The readings were phenomenal and so incredibly accurate. This lady really is the ‘real deal’ and I can’t recommend her enough.
— Steph Derby

I met Debbie today and the session that I had with her was the best ever experience of my life. I truly got the answers that I was looking for. I strongly recommend Debbie because she IS the best.
— Jessetha Dayanandan