Tarot Course

Held over a 6 week period these will be delivered to you via a video in a private setting so you watch them anytime.

I will go through the entire deck step by step explaining the traditional meaning and my personal take on the cards. There is no right or wrong with the Tarot as you're working from an intuitive perspective coupled with actual knowledge of their meanings.

A great course for the beginner and extremely therapeutic as you will be able to give readings for yourself and others.

For those with experience already, its a great course to get another angle of the meaning of the cards and I will be going into detail on my personal meanings of "The Wild Unknown Deck", a particular favourite of mine.

Each week I will be sending you a video with explanation and spread on each of the Suits. You will then be given some exercise work to do to familiarise yourself with what you have learnt so far. We will go through the entire deck with plenty of input and ideas on how it resonates with you personally. There will be the opportunity to chat with your fellow Tarot classmates and discuss ideas and how you're so far.

I will set up a private Facebook Group where we can chat about the course, cards and any questions you may have. I will be available on email for any further questions or just to share your spread etc.

Tarot course

I met Debbie today and the session that I had with her was the best ever experience of my life. I truly got the answers that I was looking for. I strongly recommend Debbie because she IS the best.
— Jessetha Dayanandan