Be Limitless

My name is Debbie and I am a Psychic Medium with a vision  to show everyone I meet, their LIGHT within, their INNATE power, and that ‘anything is possible!’

My work is my passion. When giving a Reading, a Class or my Mentoring Programme, I give ALL of myself. You will always get the best version of me, as I am here to serve you and find out what it is "THAT YOU WANT". With that in mind, the reading will be done with love & compassion at all times. I have only your highest interest at heart.

My belief, through my spiritual life, guides & angels is that we all have this divine intelligence within us and once shown the way, we can live a beautiful empowering life, one with purpose, one that takes us on our Souls Journey.

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A reading will be an inspiring, uplifting experience where we will connect with Spirit.

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Astrology is a tool for me to explore and connect at a soul level via your BIRTH CHART.

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I am delighted to offer a TAROT READING course & a CHRYSTAL HEALING course.

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We will be connecting at a soul level and tackling anything that makes you feel stuck.