Birth chart

The Spirit of Astrology for me is to connect with you at a Deep level and read your Birth Chart. This is done through essentially a picture of the planets postion in the sky when you were born. I am guided in the interpretation of what your soul purpose came here to do. A fascinating connection where we can uncover YOU through alchemy and love. I work with individuals, families and business partners.

Ultimately your birth chart is a tool for you to understand and treasure. We all came here to be our best version of ourselves and a Spirit of astrology reading helps you navigate this. 

The reading will last an hour I will record it and you can download the sound and your very own copy of your Unique Birth Chart.

This is beautiful in design one to keep and refer to whenever you need reminding of just how amazing you are.

Astrology is a tool for me to explore and connect with you at a soul level. I will intuitively interpret the chart and open up the conversation looking into your unique personality. Whether this is something that merely intrigues you, or in fact you're a keen astrologer in the making with a knowledge of the zodiac and planets, this will excite your appetite. The Chart in essence is a picture, a camera shot, of where the planets were, what position they were in, when you came into this world. The wonder of this is quite delightful, the reading will give you a whole new perspective. Because I am working on a soul purpose delivery, its  a spiritual teaching guidance journey that we embark on and one that's incredibly fulfilling in so many ways. You will be able to have the whole reading recorded and download the sound file. This will include your very own Birth Chart that you can print off and keep forever.

Birth chart

I had a spirit astrology chart and reading done by Debbie and it was amazing. Never have I heard something so uncannily accurate and the chart itself is beautiful and something I will frame and treasure!
— Kelly Jenkins